Exercício de Inglês UnirG 2021 com Gabarito

Exercício de Inglês UnirG 2021 com Gabarito INGLÊS UnirG 2021.1 Read the text to answer questions 13 to 18. ‘The Terror of Blue John Gap’ is...
Exercício de Inglês UnirG 2021 com Gabarito

Exercício de Inglês UnirG 2021 com Gabarito


UnirG 2021.1

Read the text to answer questions 13 to 18.

‘The Terror of Blue John Gap’ is a short story written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, first published in 1912. He is best known as the creator of the great fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes. This story is set in the English county of Derbyshire, in the Peak District, near the village of Castleton. The main action takes place in the old, disused Blue John mines in the area. Blue John Stone is a rare, semi-precious mineral.

The story is as a series of diary entries, written by Dr James Hardcastle and found after his disappearance. Armitage, a local man, who introduces the story, describes Hardcastle as a rational and scientific man, “absolutely devoid of imagination, and most unlikely to invent any abnormal series of events”. Dr Hardcastle has been sent to the country to recover from tuberculosis. He is staying on a farm, near the town of Castleton. He spends his time walking in the hills, and he becomes interested in the old disused mines and caves under the hills. Armitage tells Dr Hardcastle the legend of Blue John Gap.

Local people say there is a monster that lives in the underground caves and comes out at night to steal sheep. Armitage says he has heard the monster. Dr Hardcastle is surprised by how superstitious the locals are, until he himself hears the strange noise, too. He decides to explore the cave when he is feeling stronger. Dr Hardcastle starts to explore the entrance of the cave, and wonders if it is possible that some kind of strange creature lives in the underground caves. While in the caves, his candle goes out and he is left in the dark. He hears strange noises and feels the presence of the monster. He immediately runs out of the caves, frightened by his experience, and then he decides to tell someone about what happened. He goes to visit a local doctor. The doctor refers him to a specialist, but Dr Hardcastle chooses not to talk to him. At the same time, sheep go missing on the hills near Blue John Gap. When Armitage also goes missing, Dr Hardcastle decides to tell the police about his experience and yet they laugh at him, so Dr Hardcastle decides to face the monster on his own. He buys a lantern and a rifle, and leaves a note in his bedroom, telling his hosts to look for him in Blue John Gap if he goes missing.
(Available at: https://www.onestopenglish.com/ 
Accessed in July 2019.)

UnirG 2021: Considering the textual gender of the text above, it is only correct to say it is

A ( ) a review.
B ( ) a synopsis.
C ( ) a report.
D ( ) an abstract.

UnirG 2021: The text above is about a literary fictional narrative, a mystery short story. The narrative typology presents certain characteristics, some of which are indicated in the text.

Choose the correct alternative. 

A ( ) plot, characters, theme, setting, atmosphere.

B ( ) characteristics of a place, point of view, predictions, setting, atmosphere.

C ( ) a problem, argumentation, theme, instructions, point of view.

D ( ) plot, characters, a problem, argumentation, instructions.

UnirG 2021: By reading the text above, we come to know that the main idea of the story – ‘The Terror of Blue John Gap’ – is:

A ( ) hallucinations and madness.

B ( ) imagination and myth.

C ( ) superstition and reality.

D ( ) strange circumstances and speculation.

UnirG 2021: The narrator of the story is:

A ( ) the local doctor.

B ( ) Dr. Hardscastle’s hosts.

C ( ) Dr. Hardcastle himself.

D ( ) Armitage.

UnirG 2021: At the beginning of the text (lines 7 – 8), in this sentence – “Armitage, a local man, who introduces the story, describes Hardcastle as a rational and scientific man.” – the pronoun ‘who’

A ( ) can be replaced by ‘that’.
B ( ) can be replaced by ‘whom’.
C ( ) can be omitted.
D ( ) cannot be changed.

UnirG 2021: At the end of the text, the connector yet indicates the idea of:

A ( ) addition.
B ( ) contrast.
C ( ) consequence.
D ( ) explanation.

UnirG 2021.2

As remote work takes hold, "rural zoom" towns are popping up all over US. For outdoorsy workers, the options are an embarrassment of riches.

Los Angeles native Shanelle Sherlin always wanted to live close to nature in a place where, as a triathlete, she could run, bike and swim away from city noise. So, when her job as a digital marketing manager for an entertainment company went fully remote, the 30-year-old made a dramatic move that would have been unimaginable before the pandemic: she traded the Hollywood Hills for the rolling Ozarks of Northwest Arkansas.

"One thing that really impacted me right away was that it's such a cycling-friendly community," says Sherlin, who lives in Fayetteville, a small city of about 85,000 residents, by the 37-mile Razorback Regional Greenway. She bikes it and other trails three times a week, sometimes with a group of fellow cyclists. The newly remote worker also found a social club with a co-working space, which she says "is a great place to interact with like-minded, career-driven individuals". Based on in the text above only choose the only false option about Shanelle Sherlin.
BBC.com By Mark Johanson 8th June 2021

UnirG 2021: Based on in the text above choose the only false option about Shanelle Sherlin.

a) She bikes three times a week.

b) She didn't want to move to a small city, because as a triathlete, she couldn't run, bike and swim away from city noise.

c) She found a great place to interact with like-minded, career-driven individuals.

d) She made a dramatic move when her job as a digital marketing manager for an entertainment company went fully remote.

UnirG 2021: El Salvador makes history as world's first country to make Bitcoin legal tender

El Salvador has become the first country in the world to formally adopt cryptocurrency after its Congress voted overwhelmingly to approve a law classifying Bitcoin as legal tender, President Nayib Bukele said Wednesday, an initiative he hopes will boost foreign investment, improve financial inclusion and generate jobs.

Bukele, who announced plans to introduce a bill adopting Bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador Saturday, said a supermajority of legislators in Congress had approved the law in a vote Wednesday. The bill secured 62 out of 84 possible votes, Bukele said.

"History!" he added on Twitter.

Bitcoin is set to become legal tender in 90 days,meaning every business must accept the token for goods and services, alongside the U.S. Dollar. Forbes magazine, June 9, 2021 - 06:40 edit. Based on the text above, in the sentence:

"Congress voted overwhelmingly to approve a law classifying Bitcoin as legal tender." What does the word "overwhelmingly" mean in the text?

a) Congress voted but it was not possible to conclude, they had to postpone it.

b) Congress voted to be approved and won in an overpowering way.

c) Congress voted to be approved but it was a tie.

d) Congress voted but it wasn't approved.

UnirG 2021: Choose the correct grammatical form option to fill the blanks.

When I arrived at the cinema, the film_____________.

She ______________in China before she went to Thailand.

If you______________to me, you would have got the job.

After they_____________ the shellfish, they began to feel sick.

a) had started, had lived, had listened, had eaten.

b) have started, had lived, have listened, have eat.

c) had start, had live, have listen, had eat.

d) have started, had lived, had listened, had ate.

UnirG 2021: How is the quality of the air we breath?

Cars cause a lot of the air pollution and everybody ought to do whatever possible to stop it, you know.

For example, people ought to drive together or use public transportation, that would keep millions of pounds of pollution out of the atmosphere. People ought to buy cars that get good gas mileage and keep them tuned up and running well.

The more gas a car uses, the more pollution it emits. We'd all better support the development and use of cars that use alternative energy sources, like electric cars, solar-powered cars, and cars that run on methane gas.

Based on the text above what is the only false statement?

a) The use of too many cars on the street causes a lot of pollution to the environment.

b) People should drive together and use public transportation.

c) Solar-powered cars, electric cars and car that run on methane gas, are kinds of cars that worsen environmental pollution.

d) Avoid using cars would keep millions of pounds of pollution out of the atmosphere.

UnirG 2021: In English when we put together a verb + a preposition we have a phrasal verb. We gained a new word and a new meaning. Let's talk about "get over".

Look the examples:

I was very sad when my mom died, it took me a long time to get over it.
It took me two weeks to get over the flu.
It took him years to get over Marie leaving him and find a new girlfriend.

You can't change the past, so get over it!

Based on the sentences above choose the best option that defines the phrasal verb "get over".

a) You can die because the situation is hopeless.

b) To recover from something, feel better after an illness, grievance, loss or other problem.

c) Start feeling sad and depressed after something happens.

d) To feel sick and miserable for some event.

UnirG 2021: Choose the correct option that transposes the sentence below into present perfect continuous tense. Jane is watching TV. She started to do this four hours ago.

a) Jane has been watching TV for the last four hours.

b) Jane has watching TV for the last four hours.

c) Jane has been watching TV since four hours.

d) Jane have been watching TV for the last four hours.

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