Based on the teachers’ descriptions, consider the following statements.

ENADE 2021 - QUESTÃO 24 Teacher Astrid:  I discourage the use of dictionaries in the classroom: learners can become over-dependent on them. ...
Teacher Astrid: I discourage the use of dictionaries in the classroom: learners can become over-dependent on them. I try to get my learners to guess words that they don’t know, or if they can’t manage that, then I try to help them to find out the meaning by asking leading questions. If they really don’t understand something, they can look it up in their dictionaries at home.

Teacher Britt: Invariably, when I give my learners a text to read, I ask them to read it quickly for the main ideas. Once everyone has got the general idea, they read the whole passage again, then one or two of themtell me in their own words what they understood. Next, I usually ask them to work in pairs or small groups to find answers to more detailed questions: they always read the passage at least twice more to scan and find the answers. By doing it like this, I think they get a lot more out of the text, and there’splenty of learner-to-learner interaction, too.

Teacher Kate: When I teach reading, I like my learners to use other language abilities, too. I do various things. For example, before reading a passage, my learners discuss the topic or brainstorm vocabulary they predict they will hear; or they listen to a short passage on a related topic and discuss it. At the reading stage, I make sure to spell out why they are reading. We read a passage more than once,each time with a new task. The learners fill in a chart, or match pictures to paragraphs or answer true/false questions. Finally, I save enough time for a follow-up, like a role-play or group work where the learners write a different ending or discuss the issue in the text.
TANNER, R.; GREEN, C. Tasks for Teacher Education: A Reflective Approach. Addison Wesley Longman, 1998. p. 60-61 (adapted).

Based on the teachers’ descriptions, consider the following statements.

I. The three teachers follow a three-phase stage order: pre-reading activities, while-reading activities and post-reading activities.

II. The reading strategies inferred from the descriptions aim to develop the learners’ ability to comprehend any text, not to guide them to the comprehension of a particular text.

III. One of the teachers’ choice of an integrated-skill approach over a segregated-skill one can contribute to an adequate preparation of the learners in academic communication, career-related language use, or everyday interaction in the language.

The correct statement or statements is/are

A) I, only.
B) II, only.
C) I and II, only.
D) II and III, only.
E) I, II and III.


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D) II and III, only.



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Meus Exercícios: Based on the teachers’ descriptions, consider the following statements.
Based on the teachers’ descriptions, consider the following statements.
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